23 August 2017

The domain is now setup dedicated to development and related tools. will host the production environment and other related materials.
8 February 2017

Coming Soon! A project to connect bring modern hardware capabilities to several popular 8-bit computers.

22 September 2016

Launch of is all about 8-bit computers. For now 8bitology has just launched, a couple of projects are under way, some will be completed and some will likely fail. Some will morph into something other than what was originally planned. I have listed current projects below and plan to update the status of them regularly.

So, why is this website so bland? It is the starting of one of the 8bitology projects. More detail is available on it's own project page, but... that is to provide a markup alternative to HTML (8BML) that is compatible with 8-bit computers with not much memory. Yes images are supported and so is music, I just didn't add any to these pages yet. Forms are also supported.